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This page is a bulletin board website.

As with any bulletin board, no information has been verified.

It is the sole responsibility of anyone using the information on this site to complete a thorough due diligence to confirm the validity, accuracy and truthfulness of all information presented in the postings.

We at Rare Metals LLC., are not responsible for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of any information posted on this website.

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American Canyon Au,Ag Placer Nevada  
Gold Crown Tailings Au,Ag Tailing Deposit California
Bonnie Claire Tailings Au,Ag Tailing Deposit Nevada
Hackberry Silver Mine Ag,Au Hard Rock Arizona
Bradshaw Mtns. Au, Cu Hard Rock Arizona
Humbug Placer Au,Ag Placer California
Gold Crown Placer Au,Ag Placer California
Kingman Arizona Mines Au,Ag,Cu,Pb,Zn, REO Arizona
Antimony Mine Antimony Hondurus
El Rey Au,Ag Hard Rock Northwestern Mexico
San Jose Au,Ag Hard Rock Northwestern Mexico
El Cajoncito Au Dry Placer /Hard Rock              Northwestern Mexico
Missiouri Cobalt Slag Tailings Cobalt, Nickel, Silver, Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Lead & Copper Madison County, Missouri


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Recover Gold Dry Using RMC's Dry Air Concentrators. Process 2-150 Tons per hour. Self Cleaning Adjustable Speed Concentrator. More Info